About Me

In 2007, my dad bought a family camera and it changed my life.

Outwardly, I was a science geek who strived to be a doctor. 
Inside, I was having secret love affairs with fashion and art.
The camera sealed the deal.

My name is Vipoo and I am a straightforward kind of gal who loves to eat, 
enjoys bike rides in the rain, can’t live without my Blistex, and will try anything at least once.

Eight years ago, I didn't think I would be here; but I am loving the journey, following the words 
from my favourite book"everything you do today is in preparation for tomorrow".

My Philosophy

I am a wedding photographer who loves to incorporate fashion into weddings.

To me, my brides and grooms are my models and their wedding is a beautiful, 
honest set infused with real love, laughter and tears.

In 40 years, I want you to look back at your wedding images with your grandkids 
and still feel the butterflies you felt when you saw each other for the first time at the altar.

If my work tickles your fancy, drop me a line and I’d be delighted to set up a consultation.
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